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Model: Ship313
Cordless Water Flosser + Sonic Toothbrushm eets all your needs for cleaning your teeth in the easiest way possible and with high efficiency without any complication or cost.Cordless Water Flosser specificationsWith a unique combination of water pressure and regularly flowing periodic pulses it clean..
10.000KD 20.000KD
Model: Ship332
Kids side lamp bear is placed next to their bed to calm their fears during the darkness of the night or to help them sleep comfortably and peacefully.Kids side lamp bear specificationsThe lamp contains an internal LED bulb that changes colors constantly and alternates with shades and warm colors tha..
2.500KD 3.000KD
Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth Speaker
New -29 %
Model: ship408
      ·        Bluetooth Speaker·       Built-in microphone·        Compatible with hands free·        High quality sound·     ..
5.000KD 7.000KD
Model: BNDEID19
Large Glowing Mouse pad ·        The glowing mouse pad is a non-slip rubber base that has been durably designed to eliminate unwanted movement during work or play, while it shines and glows in several bright colors that make the gaming experience very uniq..
Model: BNDEID14
UK / - Fast USB Charger (C PD) 18W·        This fast charger, which comes with a capacity of 18W, allows you to charge various types of devices (including tablets) with the highest speed and efficiency.·        And with two U..
Model: Ship303
These blue light protective computer glasses will give your eyes superior protection as well as give you a clearer and brighter vision. They are specially designed to reduce glare and reflect harmful blue light to the eyes.Computer glasses protector specificationsComputer glasses protector suit..
Model: mac-6811
·       Specifications·       320 hearing plate·       Boil dry protection·       Lighting & sound alarm·       overheating protection· &..
Model: Ship316
A shoes dryer is an indispensable tool in wet winter weather, as it can dry casual sneakers, insulated winter boots, or even gloves in no time.Shoes dryer specificationsIt is known that shoes need proper care, especially that during the winter months they may become a place for bacteria and fungi to..
3.000KD 8.000KD
Jano Electric Sweet Ball Maker Jano Electric Sweet Ball Maker
New -4 %
Model: MAC-0006729
With Jano sweet ball maker you will be able to prepare the largest possible number of dessert balls (known as "luqmat Al-Qadi") within a short period and without any effort or fatigue.Jano sweet ball maker specificationsJano machine is an easy-to-use electrically operated machine that can be filled ..
32.500KD 34.000KD
LED Portable Emergency Light LED Portable Emergency Light
New -17 %
Model: ship417
·        LED Portable Emergency Light is an LED lamp that works on water and salt to provide excellent illumination that is useful even for emergency situations without any battery or just a mixture of water and salt.Led Portable Emergency Light specificatio..
5.000KD 6.000KD
Meenumix 300Watts Popcorn Maker - MPM3300 Meenumix 300Watts Popcorn Maker - MPM3300
New -7 %
Model: MAC-MPM3300
Whether it's movie nights with family or friends or just for appetizers, popcorn is simply delicious, and to make your own popcorn every time you want it, we offer you the easy and simple Minomex Popcorn Maker.Popcorn Maker specificationsTraditional / Classic Popcorn Maker - 2.5 ounce capacity is ma..
28.000KD 30.000KD
Mini Ceramic Hair Curler Mini Ceramic Hair Curler
New -15 %
Model: ship407
 ·        PRITECH Hair Curler, New Generation Design and More Intelligent, PRITECH Automatic Hair Curler, Your personal stylist, Quick styling anytime, anywhere, Lets you be the most beautiful yourself, Everyone can use PRITECH hair curler easily &nbs..
6.800KD 8.000KD
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