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Model: Ship303
These blue light protective computer glasses will give your eyes superior protection as well as give you a clearer and brighter vision. They are specially designed to reduce glare and reflect harmful blue light to the eyes.Computer glasses protector specificationsComputer glasses protector suit..
Model: 0621-08
·        Portable Pet Dog Water Bottle 300ml Drinking Bowl for Small Large Dogs Feeding Water ·        Dispenser Cat Dogs Outdoor Bottles·        Material: ABS+PC·    &nbs..
Model: Ship302
The glowing mouse pad is a non-slip rubber base that has been durably designed to eliminate unwanted movement during work or play, while it shines and glows in several bright colors that make the gaming experience very unique and special.Glowing mouse pad specificationsThis glowing mouse pad is 12" ..
8.000KD 10.000KD
Model: Ship315
Teeth cleaning device with water is one of the distinctive devices that can be used to brush and wash teeth through the force of water pressure and through several different heads that can be used easily.Teeth cleaning device with water specificationsThis dental flosser gives you a deep clean with c..
5.500KD 10.000KD
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